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In education there is strength and value.

Tennessee Tech University is one of the top public universities in Tennessee, and we take great pride in the fact that despite these challenging times, we continue to attract the best and the brightest.

The generosity of our alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents and friends makes it possible for TTU to create new opportunities for students. The impact of what happens here is felt beyond the Upper Cumberland, throughout the state of Tennessee and across the nation.

Student tuition and fees only covers 27% of TTU’s operating budget. Less than 27% is provided by state appropriations. Private support helps offset difficult and permanent budget cuts allowing TTU to upgrade classrooms, departments to purchase equipment, students to receive scholarships and professors to utilize the latest in technology upgrades.

Annual Giving Stats

How To Make an Impact

When you make a gift to Tennessee Tech, you make possible someone’s future. Gifts of $25 and $50 are changing the face of campus. Alumni are getting involved, making a difference, improving campus-life. Thank you.

Through the Annual Giving Office, our alumni and friends have the ability to support any area of campus. Gifts designated to departments, programs or scholarships are incredibly valuable and allow TTU to improve the quality of those specific areas each year. These restricted gifts are extremely useful when money from a program’s annual budget has already been spent or designated to a particular project.

Gifts to the TTU Fund prove to be just as beneficial. These gifts have no restrictions on how there are used. They offer flexibility to provide support to all areas of campus and are available for immediate use and allow TTU to quickly take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, as well as overcome obstacles. Whether designated to a specific program or to the TTU Fund, every gift impacts a student at TTU.

In 2012, more than 7,000 gifts totaling nearly $1.2 million provided program enhancements, equipment upgrades and scholarships through the Tennessee Tech Annual Giving Office. That money immediately and directly impacted TTU students.

It costs approximately $20,000 a year for a student to attend TTU, including fees, books, room and board, transportation and personal expenses. 20% of TTU students receive an academic or donor-funded scholarship. In 2012, TTU offered approximately 450 donor-funded scholarships to just over 1,200 students totaling $1.9 million.

The average gift at TTU is $145.


Choose How To Make Your Gift

Credit/Debit Card

Bank Draft


Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds, Mutual Fund Shares, Personal Property, and Other Funding Options

Please call 1-866-511-6553 or email if you have questions or wish to speak to a University representative.

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What Are Student Callers

The TTU Phonation is part of Tennessee Tech’s University Advancement and Annual Giving Program. Student Callers work the Phonation by calling and interacting with university constituents (alumni, faculty, parents, friends of TTU, etc.). The goals are to build and improve relationships between the constituents and Tennessee Tech, inform constituents about university happenings and encourage their support for areas of need.

Calling occurs five days a week during the Fall and Spring semesters: Monday through Thursday 4:45-8:15pm and Sundays 2:30-6pm. Applicants must be available to work a minimum of three (3) nights a week to be eligible for employment. All hiring takes place in the Fall. Employment is not guaranteed to the end of the semester nor for following semesters. Continued employment is often offered to employees based on job performance, positive attitudes and departmental needs.

To apply, complete the online application in its entirety.


The Student Caller pay rate for the 2015-2016 fiscal year is $10/hour.


  • Currently enrolled in classes at Tennessee Technological University
  • Obtain a TTU I-9 Card from the Human Resources Office (Derryberry 146) after an offer of employment, but before training. Mor information here:
  • Demonstrate strong and clear verbal communication skills and a comfortable speaking voice
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for TTU
  • Demonstrate an ability to organize and present facts in a concise and persuasive manner
  • Demonstrate an ability to work well in a team setting and a result oriented environment


  1. Commit to a minimum of 3 calling shifts a week
  2. Arrive in a timely manner with a positive attitude to scheduled calling shifts
  3. Contact alumni and donors of the university to develop supportive and relationships
  4. Process acquired donations and gifts given to Tennessee Tech
  5. Remain informed about campus events, activities and news items and serve as a representative of TTU by passing that information along to alumni and friends
  6. Maintain positive public relations with alumni and friends
  7. Accurately update and verify constituent demographics
  8. Accurately record the results of every telephone conversation
  9. Maintain expected levels of productivity
  10. Gain an understanding of the University, its organizational structure and its financial needs
  11. Comply with all policies and procedures of the Office of Annual Giving and Tennessee Tech University

TTU Future Alumni Support Team

A student-run organization improving the collegiate experience and raising awareness on the importance of giving back to the university after graduation.


Tennessee Tech University’s Future Alumni Support Team exists to educate and engage students on the importance of alumni and private support through annual giving efforts. In order to strengthen alumni giving in the future, it is important that we demonstrate how that support benefits the university and enhances the student collegiate experience.

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Delegates are selected from a variety of clubs and majors for their leadership skills and understanding of how alumni support affects the student body and the university.