Agricultural Foundation for TTU

Agricultural Foundation for TTU - Chartered October 5, 1971

The Agricultural Foundation is unique in that it was not incorporated under the guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). Thus, unlike every other foundation at Tennessee Tech, the Agriculture Foundation is independent and operates outside TBR jurisdiction. The following is quoted from the record of a SBR (TBR) meeting of August 17, 1973:

"Foundations that utilize or adopt any one of the following listed factors will be considered as being within the purview of authority and control of the State Board of Regents; thereby requiring consideration and approval prior to adoption. All others shall be considered as being independent and outside of Board jurisdiction.

  • Use of college or university staff, facilities, equipment or supplies without compensation or cost reimbursement.
  • Control vested in college or university officials in their official capacity.
  • Maintenance of foundation records or accounts by college or university.
  • Solicitation of funds by college or university staff for benefit of foundation without compensation or reimbursement for staff costs.
  • Requirement that officers, members, or trustees be members of college or university."

Even though the Agricultural Foundation was chartered prior to this SBR policy statement, it nonetheless remained independent by virtue of meeting none of the listed factors that require TBR jurisdiction.

While the Agricultural Foundation is not reliant upon the University, it nevertheless supports the mission and purpose of the University by supporting the School of Agriculture. The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

To promote and advance education, research, and development in agriculture in the State of Tennessee; to receive, hold and administer gifts and grants of capital funds, bequests and property for the support and enhancement of the School of Agriculture of the Tennessee Technological University with the primary object of serving purposes other than those for which the State of Tennessee makes sufficient appropriations; and to aid the Tennessee Technological University in its development as a leading educational institution.

Support is provided primarily through funding of student scholarships and academic activities. Several School of Agriculture faculty are members of the foundation, and the Dean serves as an ex-officio officer.

All pertinent documentation is maintained by the Agricultural Foundation.