Said Mohamed

Said Mohamed

All throughout elementary and middle school, my favorite subjects were related to science and math. I always felt excited and amazed when learning about new topics in science. This led me to believe that I should be a scientist someday. The problem was that I didn’t really know what a scientist was. Whenever I heard the word scientist, all I could think of was someone wearing a lab coat and goggles. I didn’t really know what they did.

I went to high school at McGavock High School in Nashville. There, I was given the opportunity to choose a career pathway to study along with the other general courses. One option was engineering. When I learned that engineers use all of the cool things I had been learning in math and science to make things and solve problems, I was sure that engineering was what I wanted to do. I chose Tennessee Tech because I had heard that it was a good engineering school. I also knew that it was very affordable and not too far from my home in Nashville. It wasn’t until after I had spent some time here that I learned about some of the best reasons for studying at Tech.

I feel like the faculty in the College of Engineering really want to see students succeed and are eager to do what they can to help. Had it not been for Harry Ingle encouraging me to be an ambassador, I doubt I would have developed enough confidence in my public speaking to give a speech at the College of Engineering Scholarship Banquet. I also appreciate Dr. Elizabeth Powell and Dr. Ahmed Abounassif who have been there to answer my questions and give advice.

As someone who knew very little about engineering and had never known any engineers before, it has been great to have these faculty members who are willing to pass on their knowledge. I don’t think I would have been able to fully benefit from this without the help of scholarships.

Scholarships have given me the freedom to stay on campus and put all my effort into becoming the best engineer that I can be. I have been able to focus on my classes and maintain a good GPA while also gaining relevant experience through serving as an ambassador and working on projects for engineering competitions as a member of student organizations on campus.

I came to this school feeling like I was really lacking in any relevant experience. Since I was able to put all of my time into my coursework and student organizations, I have developed enough knowledge and skills to be more confident in my abilities and even secured an internship this past summer. Again, this would not have been possible for me without scholarships. I would like to thank all of the donors for giving me and my fellow students the opportunity to do our best.

                                                         --Said Mohamed, Mechanical Engineering '20