Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett

The Roy and Pauline King Memorial Scholarship helped me achieve my goal of attending college. While sitting at my high school graduation, I was listening to the different scholarships being called, and little did I know that I was about to receive this life-changing scholarship.

I wanted to attend Tennessee Tech even before I received this scholarship; however, I knew that I would likely need help in paying for it. After I received this very special scholarship, I soon realized that my financial struggles would pretty much disappear. This scholarship has made a difference in my life because I know that I will be able to attend a great university and not have to worry about the money. Instead, I can focus all of my attention on my school work.

The Roy and Pauline King Memorial Scholarship means so much to so many people and therefore, I plan to work my hardest while enrolled at Tennessee Tech. This scholarship makes me want to push myself to the maximum during the struggles. I know that by receiving this scholarship, I am very blessed to have gone to school in "small town" Monterey, Tennessee. Monterey High School students want to go to college; however, some of them cannot. Monterey is not a very rich community and while some students do not have to worry about what they will do after high school, that's not the case for others. This scholarship has made it possible for many students to go to college and actually become something.

Scholarships are important to students because they show that there are people out there who want to see them succeed and are willing to help out. I hope that once I graduate and become successful, I can contribute to scholarships such as this to help other students with their own hopes and dreams of attending college.

                                                      -- Emily Bartlett, Multidisciplinary Studies '19