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Eagle Assistance Grant

What is the Eagle Assistance Grant? 



Dr. Philip Oldham

In 2018, approximately 400 students withdrew from Tennessee Tech, often because they did not have the resources to weather short-term financial hardships. What should have been a bump in the road to success ended their journey toward a life-changing Tech diploma. 

No student should have to leave Tech because of these types of financial concerns, and that’s why I am proud to announce the creation of the Eagle Assistance Grant, a hardship grant that provides students with emergency need-based funds that can be applied toward any financial hardship. Your gift will help ensure no student leaves without a degree because of a short-term need.

There are two ways to assist students through this grant.  First, you can give to the Eagle Assistance Grant Endowment. The endowment funds are not spent; instead, they are invested, and the earnings are made available each year for Tech to provide for students in need. Or, you can give to the Eagle Assistance Grant Fund. Gifts made to this account can be spent immediately or as needed. So, give to the endowment and allow the earnings from your investment to help future students, or designate your support for the Fund, allowing your gift to be used now. Gifts to the Endowment and the Fund are both critical. They ensure we can retain quality students—both now and in the future. 

Thank you for helping students live Wings Up!

Phil Oldham, President


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