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Campus building codes are being changed from two-letter abbreviations to three- or four-letter abbreviations. Please note that the online map will be updated to reflect these changes. You may want to print a copy for your records.

Academic/Administrative Buildings:

Bartoo Hall is changing from BH to BART.

Brown Hall is changing from BN to BRWN.

Bruner Hall is changing from BR to BRUN.

Clement Hall is changing from CH to CLEM.

Daniel Hall is changing from DN to DANL.

Derryberry Hall is changing from DH to DBRY.

Hooper Eblen Center is changing from EC to HOOP.

East Stadium is changing from ES to ESTA.

Bryan Fine Arts Building is changing from FA to BFA.

T.J. Farr Building is changing from FB to FARR.

Foster Hall is changing from FH to FOST.

Foundry is changing from FN to FDRY.

Henderson Hall is changing from HH to HEND.

Health and PE Building, a.k.a. Memorial Gym, is changing from HP to MGYM.

Intramural Fields will remain IMF.

Johnson Hall is changing from JH to JOHN.

Jere Whitson Building is changing from JW to JWB.

Kittrell Hall is changing from KH to KITT.

Lewis Hall is changing from LH to LEWS.

Volpe Library and Media Center is changing from LM to LIBR.

Matthews Hall is changing from MH to MATT.

Nursing and Health Services Building is changing from NH to NURS.

Old Maintenance Building is changing from OM to OLDM.

Prescott Hall is changing from PH to PRSC.

Pennebaker Hall is changing from PR to PENN.

Ray Morris Hall/STEM Center is changing from RM to RMH.

South Hall is changing from SH to SOUT.

Recreation-Fitness Center is changing from RF to RFIT.

Roaden University Center is changing from UC to RUC.

The Regional Health Building has been renamed Southwest Hall and will change from RH to SWH.

University Services Building is changing from US to USVC.

University Police Building is changing from UP to UPB.

West Stadium is changing from WS to WSTA.

The Athletic Performance Center is changing from AP to APC.

The Boat Storage Facility is changing from BS to BOAT.

The baseball restroom building is changing from BB to BBRR.

The baseball pressbox is changing from BP to BBPB.

The batting cage is changing from BG to BBCG.

The baseball clubhouse is changing from BC to BBCH.

The Maintenance Office Building is changing from 176 to MTNO.

The Maintenance Shops Building is changing from 177 to MTNS.

The Maintenance Warehouse is changing from 178 to WHSE.

The Maintenance Garage is changing from 179 to MTNG.

The Chiller Plant is changing from 180 to CHIL.

The Intramural fields restroom building is changing from 181 to IMRR.

The Indoor Tennis Court is changing from IC to ITC.

The MIT welding storage is changing from 191 to WELD.

The former Prescott School, now known as Foundation Hall, will be called FNDH.

Walton House will change from 30 to WALT.


Jobe Hall, formerly 101, will be JOBE.

Murphy Hall, formerly 100, will be MURP.

Pinkerton Hall, formerly 29, will be PINK.

M.S. Cooper Hall, formerly 28, will be MSCP.

New Hall North, formerly 24, will be NEWN.

New Hall South, formerly 22, will be NEWS.

Crawford Hall, formerly 12, will be CRAW.

Maddux Hall, formerly 46, will be MDDX.

McCord Hall, formerly 45, will be MCRD.

Cooper Hall, formerly 47, will be COOP.

Dunn Hall, formerly 48, will be DUNN.

Browning Hall, formerly 49, will be BRNG.

Evins Hall, formerly 50, will be EVIN.

Ellington Hall, formerly 44, will be ELLG.

Warf Hall, formerly 51, will be WARF.

Tech Village East A, formerly 53, will be TVEA.

Tech Village East B, formerly 54, will be TVEB.


Tech Village East C, formerly 55, will be TVEC.


Tech Village East D, formerly 56, will be TVED.


Tech Village East E, formerly 57, will be TVEE.


Tech Village East F, formerly 58, will be TVEF.


Tech Village East G, formerly 59, will be TVEG.


Tech Village East H, formerly 61, will be TVEH.


Tech Village East J, formerly 62, will be TVEJ.


Tech Village East K, formerly 63, will be TVEK.


Tech Village East L, formerly 64, will be TVEL.


Tech Village East M, formerly 65, will be TVEM.

Tech Village Laundry, formerly 52, will be TVEN.


Tech Village East O, formerly 66, will be TVEO.


Tech Village East P, formerly 67, will be TVEP.


Tech Village East Q, formerly 68, will be TVEQ.


Tech Village East R, formerly 69, will be TVER.


Tech Village East S, formerly 70, will be TVES.


Tech Village East T, formerly 78, will be TVET.


Tech Village East U, formerly 79, will be TVEU.


Tech Village East V, formerly 80, will be TVEV.


Tech Village East W, formerly 81, will be TVEW.


Tech Village East X, formerly 83, will be TVEX.

Tech Village West A, formerly 151, will be TVWA.

Tech Village West B, formerly 152, will be TVWB.

Tech Village West C, formerly 153, will be TVWC.

Tech Village West D, formerly 154, will be TVWD.

Tech Village West E, formerly 155, will be TVWE.

Tech Village West F, formerly 156, will be TVWF.

Tech Village West G, formerly 157, will be TVWG.

Tech Village West H, formerly 158, will be TVWH.

Tech Village West I, formerly 159, will be TVWI.

Tech Village West J, formerly 160, will be TVWJ.

Tech Village West K, formerly 161, will be TVWK.

Tech Village West L, formerly 162, will be TVWL.

Tech Village West M, formerly 163, will be TVWM.

Tech Community Center West, formerly 164, will be TVCC.

Appalachian Center for Craft:


The Appalachian Center for Craft administration and gallery is changing from CRAFTC to CCAD.

Craft Center Cool Wing is changing from QB to CCCW.

Craft Center Clay Studio is changing from QC to CCCS.

Craft Center Glass and Metal is changing from QD to CCGM.

Craft Center Pump House is changing from QE to CCPH.

Craft Center Water Treatment is changing from QF to CCWT.

Craft Center Manager's Residence is changing from QG to CCMG.

Craft Center Studio Residence A is changing from QH to CCRA.

Craft Center Studio Residence B is changing from QI to CCRB.

Craft Center Studio Residence C is changing from QJ to CCRC.

Craft Center Studio Residence D is changing from QK to CCRD.

Shipley Farm:

The farm shop, formerly FS, will be SFSP.

The lower barn, formerly FU, will be SPLB.

The sheep barn, formerly FQ, will be SFSB.

The show barn, formerly FK, will be SFSW.

The corral, formerly F5, will be SFCL.

The chicken house, formerly FI, will be SFCH.

The pump house, formerly F4, will be SFPH.


The Hyder-Burks Arena is changing from AA to HBAR.

The Hyder-Burks barn is changing from AB to HBBN.

The agricultural engineering building, formerly FE, will be SFAE.

The loafing barn, formerly FL, will be SFLF.

The milking barn, formerly FW, will be SFMB.

Silo 1, formerly F6, will be SIL1.

Silo 2, formerly F7, will be SIL2.

The restroom building, formerly FR, will be SFRR.

The picnic shelter, formerly FM, will be SFPS.

Farm house 1, formerly F1, will be SFH1.

The teaching greenhouse, formerly FG, will be SFTG.

The research greenhouse, formerly FP, will be SFRG.

Farm house 2, formerly F3, will be SFH2.

The turf-tool shed, formerly FT, will be SFTT.

The farrowing barn, formerly FT, will be SFFB.

The swine finishing floor, formerly FD, will be SFFF.

The young place barn, formerly FF, will be SFYB.

Hyder Farm:

The Hyder Farm barn will change from HB to HFBN.

Austin Property:

The Austin garage will change from AG to AUSG.

The Austin house will change from AH to AUSH.