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Facilities and Business Services will begin two of many exciting projects that will continue to prepare Tennessee Tech for our Centennial Celebration in 2015.

The first project is for safety and enhancement to the area between Derryberry Hall and Roaden University Center. This project will be replacing damaged hardscape between the two circular planter boxes and building back an area which follows the campus architectural features, as well as a design which promotes a safe and attractive gathering space for students, faculty, and staff. The area will include a covered seating areas and accent lighting.

The second project will create a pedestrian-friendly, vehicle-free quadrangle. Emergency vehicles will still have access as needed to respond to the campus needs within the quadrangle. This project includes the closing of the narrow drive lanes on both sides of the quadrangle and re-striping the parking areas between Jere Whitson and South Hall along with the parking areas between Health & P.E. Building and Daniel Hall. An additional handicap parking space will be provided at the southeast corner of the visitor parking adjacent to Derrryberry Hall to service Kittrell Hall.

Remember to use caution around areas on campus where renovation or construction is in progress. A safe environment for our campus family and visitors is our highest goal. Please feel free to report any area you feel has an unsafe condition by dialing 3227.