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Faculty, students and alumni from the College of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Exceptional Learning Ph.D. program presented 11 papers at the 10th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois, May 21-24.

Participating faculty include: Julie Baker, Martha Howard, Janet Isbell and Lisa Zagumny.

Participating Ph.D. students included: Abdellatif Al Sager, Tessa Bishop, Amy Callender, Rebekah Marcum, Amy Leigh Rogers and Dorota Silber-Furman.

Participating Ph.D. alumni included: Rufaro Chitiyo, Stacey Fisher, Hannah Rawiszer, Amanda Richey and Alicia Stewart.

Participating baccalaureate alumni included: Gabrielle Byford, Nancy Landis and Jessica Stephens.