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In 2011, the university revised its compensation plan for clerical and support and administrative positions. That plan is now being used to guide salary decisions, so it's important to give you information about how the plan is structured. (Faculty salary decisions fall under the established faculty salary equity plan.)

Revised for the benefit of all employees, the compensation plan enabled the university to gain an understanding of the university's position relative to the market and adopt new pay grades and practices based on that knowledge, to restore credibility and confidence in the reward system, to address unresolved pay issues, and to increase transparency and simplicity.

It's important to remember that the available budget each year determines what elements of the plan will be implemented, or whether employees will receive pay increases within their pay grades.

The university is in the process of deciding how to use available 2012-13 funds to increase compensation according to the compensation plan. The university will submit a proposal to the TBR by the end of July. The TBR is expected to approve a plan for the university in September.

Compensation Plan Highlights

"Time in Grade"

"Time in grade" was established based on the average length of time that it is expected that an employee would be totally proficient at the job. This component will be used to determine compensation targets when funds are available. However, there is no guarantee that employees will move from minimum to midpoint of the compensation scale within this time frame.

The plan expects that C&S employees will move from minimum to midpoint of their pay grade in five years.

The plan expects that administrative employees will move from minimum to midpoint of their pay grade in eight years.

Additional compensation for higher college degree for all employees

Effective July 2012, an employee who receives a degree higher than his or her current academic standing and who has been employed with the university for more than one year will receive a salary increase. Applicable only for the first higher degree attained, the salary increases are $1,000 for a bachelor's degree, $1,500 for a master's degree and $2,500 for a doctoral degree.

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