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<thumb_excsciThree faculty members of the Department of Exercise Science presented at the National Association of Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education on January 6-10, 2010 in Scottsdale, AZ. The theme of the conference was "Good to Great" after the book written by Jim Collins.


Dr. Rhonda Folio, Dr. Christy Killman, and Dr. Michael Phillips presented, "More than Physical Education - One Program's Success Story". The goal of the presentation was to showcase the department's commitment to growing the department through new programs of study within the department, introducing the online Masters degree program the challenges it brought, and how to cope with the reality of a growing program.

Dr. Michael Phillips also presented, “Linking Values to Philosophy”. This presentation provided insight to instructors on how to incorporate in their classes teaching of values and how students are influenced by values as they develop personal philosophies about every day decisions and developing as professionals.