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Why didn’t I get a raise this time? I did not get a raise the last time the compensation plan was used.

In 2011, available funds allowed us to get everyone to minimum of our new salary grades. If you were not below minimum, you did not get a raise. This October, if you are at your target or above, you will not receive a raise.

If I am above midpoint, will I ever get a raise based on the compensation plan?

You will continue to receive across the board raises or future performance based raises if established.

Why do some new employees come in at a higher or comparable salary than people who have worked here for years and have done a good job?

The formula in the compensation plan allows us to determine a market value for a new employees based on experience and education specific to the job. The inequities created by the old compensation structure are being addressed in the new compensation plan. By getting everyone to 100 percent of target, we are able to even out the inequities.

How was the $1.5 million distributed among different groups of employees?

The available amount was distributed in the following percentages:
Faculty                           43 percent
Clerical                           30 percent
Administrative                24 percent
Executive                        4 percent