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The first meeting for “LIST 4091-606—'Manager as Coach'" is 9 a.m. Wednesday in Derryberry Auditorium. The session will last for one hour. Mike Cowan and President Bell will cover important material and have discussions with class participants.

Additional sessions are scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27; Thursday, Nov. 3; Thursday, Nov. 17 and Thursday, Dec. 1. Course outlines for those dates have been posted on iLearn. Please log in to your iLearn account or log in via the Tech homepage to view the outlines. If you have problems logging in or viewing course materials, email

We’ll be using an iLearn mixed media format for the class, with in-person meetings and some electronic assignments. We realize that your schedules are busy, and that you might have to miss a class. If you do miss class, you can make it up by reviewing the session on iLearn.