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Henderson Hall, home of the College of Arts & Sciences and many of its departments, will undergo major renovations this summer and into the fall. This project will cause classes that normally meet in the building to be scheduled elsewhere on campus for the summer and fall semesters. The building was initially constructed in 1931.

What will be renovated in Henderson Hall?
The building renovation project includes

  • replacing the roof
  • replacing the heating/air conditioning fan coil units throughout the building
  • installing a sprinkler system throughout the building
  • upgrading the electrical system in the building
  • updating classrooms (work in the classrooms will include replacing floors and updating lighting, and generally reducing classroom occupancies to be consistent with current standards; hopefully funds will be sufficient to allow technology in all the regular classrooms to be updated/standardized)

Will the building be completely closed during the renovations?
There will be some periods – hopefully brief – during the summer when the entire building will have to be closed for the electrical work.

When will the renovations be completed?
The renovations will begin in early June and will be completed during the fall semester, hopefully by Thanksgiving.  

How will the renovations affect faculty and staff?
We expect that the work in the faculty and staff offices will be completed during the summer. There will be periods when a particular office cannot be occupied (when sprinkler work is being done in that office) and periods when the entire building is closed due to the electrical upgrade. There will be noise in the building from the renovations throughout the entire project that may affect offices even after the work in that particular office is completed.  We do not anticipate that the noise will be a long-term problem throughout the building, but there may be short-term localized problems due to noise (e.g., noise from work in the hallway outside a particular office).

How will the renovations affect students?
Classrooms will not be available in Henderson Hall during the summer or fall semesters. Classes that would normally meet in Henderson Hall are being scheduled elsewhere for these semesters. Note that the TAF Cornerstone Computer Lab in HH 111 will not be available summer or fall. This lab had been available for general student use after normal classroom hours and that function will be moved or absorbed elsewhere. The renovated classrooms will be better spaces for effective student learning.

What is the funding source of the renovations?
Capital Maintenance Funds through the State of Tennessee.

Glenn Binkley, assistant director of Facilities & Business Services, Paul Semmes, interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and Kurt Eisen, interim assistant dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, provided information about the project.