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With the completion of job analysis questionnaires behind most employees, the job compensation study is moving along on schedule.

The consultant firm has worked with campus administrators to analyze the documentation submitted by employees across campus. A few job analysis questionnaires are still under review for clarification.

"We appreciate everyone's good work in submitting complete job questionnaires on time," said Mike Cowan, Human Resources director.

The first report generated by the study will be presented to the Tennessee Board of Regents on March 16; approval is anticipated at the June board meeting. The report will feature general information about our new methodology.

"This report will just explain in general how we plan to review jobs both for clerical and support and administrative professionals in the future," said Cowan. "We are still working on pay grade and salary standards.

"The new methodology will help us have clearer guidelines, more relevant job descriptions and timely decisions," he said.

CUPA-HR, a higher education industry standard source for data, served as the primary benchmarking tool for administrative professional positions. TBR data and other survey information were considered if a position was not included in CUPA data.

"We are reviewing recommendations from the consultant to make sure changes in titles and pay grades work for the university," said Cowan. "We also will be able to see where we are out of touch with the market."

"We want to emphasize that the new methodology will not result in any employee receiving lower pay," he explained.

This is the first step in a multi-step process to retool the university's compensation and rewards system. The incremental implementation of changes will be subject to budget availability, but as funds become available, the study will give the university a systematic approach to develop a foundation from which to operate, says President Bob Bell.

This study involves administrative and staff positions. A comprehensive faculty compensation plan was put in place several years ago. The faculty plan was designed to provide regular updates to reflect changes in the national faculty compensation market. The faculty plan will also be updated with the latest CUPA data.