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The university recently revised its policy for Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities. If you regularly reserve campus space, the new policy contains several changes that will affect the procedures to follow. All campus faculty, students and staff are encouraged to review the revised policy because the changes reflect an adherence to Tennessee Board of Regents policy.

The TBR adopted its new policy in September 2011, and other TBR institutions, including Tennessee Tech, had until May 29, 2012, to bring campus policies into line with system policy.

"We've been working as a team since September to draft a new policy that reflects the changes in TBR policy and that fits the needs of our campus," said Claire Stinson, TTU vice president for finance and planning.

The revised policy resulted in updated definitions of user categories and a new rental rates/usage fee schedule for groups that are not exempt from fees. Other revisions include requiring affiliated entities and individuals to coordinate through the appropriate administrative office. The revised policy also reduces the number of days suggested for making a reservation request.

Effectively immediately, the new forms provided as exhibits to the revised policy will be the only forms accepted.

Read the revised policy, located in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, at

If you have questions, contact Judy Hull at or Susan Henry at