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Published: Wed Aug 24, 2011



FACULTY MEMBER                        RANK                        DEPARTMENT

Dr. Adam Anderson                      Assistant            Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Jennifer Anderson                   Assistant            Sociology & Political Science

*Dr. Julie C. Baker                        Assistant            Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. David Beck                              Assistant            Biology

Dr. Rabie Belkacemi                      Assistant            Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Jesse Carrick                           Assistant            Chemistry

Dr. Brian Carver                            Assistant            Biology

*Ms. Janet Coonce                         Instructor            Chemistry

Dr. Kristen Deiter                          Assistant            English & Communications

*Dr. Steven Frye                            Assistant            Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Sandra Hancock                       Assistant            Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Syed Hasan                              Assistant            Electrical & Computer Engineering

*Dr. Janet Isbell                             Assistant            Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Xiaohua Jiang                           Assistant            Chemistry

Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu                      Assistant            Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Blanca Lapizco-Encinas             Associate            Chemical Engineering

*Dr. Malinda Lloyd                         Assistant            Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Charles Luke                             Assistant            Counseling & Psychology

Mr. Jacob Metz                               Instructor            English & Communications

*Dr. Michael Phillips                       Assistant            Exercise Science & Physical


Dr. Robby Sanders                         Assistant            Chemical Engineering

*Dr. Steven Seiler                           Assistant            Sociology & Political Science

Dr. Martin Sheehan                        Assistant            Foreign Languages

Ms. Cara Sisk                                Instructor            Human Ecology

*Dr. Dana Winningham                  Assistant            Curriculum & Instruction

*Changed from temporary to permanent


2011 - 2012


Dr. Merel Anitsal – Economics, Finance & Marketing – Tenure and Associate Professor

Dr. Holly Anthony – Curriculum & Instruction - Tenure

Dr. Anthony Baker – English & Communications - Professor

Dr. Deborah Ballou – Decision Sciences & Management – Tenure and Associate  


Dr. Deborah Barnard – Foreign Languages – Tenure and Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Best – Agriculture –Tenure

Prof. Jeanne Brady – Appalachian Center for Craft - Professor

Dr. Christy Carter – Biology – Tenure

Dr. Wei Tsun Chang – Music and Art - Professor

Dr. Steven Click - Civil Engineering - Tenure

Dr. Helen Dainty – Curriculum & Instruction – Tenure

Dr. Omar Elkeelany – Electrical & Computer Engineering – Tenure

Dr. Susan Elkins – Curriculum & Instruction – Professor

Dr. Sherrie Foster – Counseling & Psychology – Associate Professor

Dr. Melissa Geist – Nursing – Tenure and Associate Professor

Dr. Mark Groundland – Foreign Languages – Tenure and Associate Professor

Dr. Kimberly Hanna – Nursing – Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Harrison – Earth Sciences – Professor

Dr. Evan Hart – Earth Sciences – Professor

Dr. Joshua Hauser – Music and Art – Professor

Dr. Steven Hayslette – Biology – Professor

Dr. Sarah Keller – Curriculum & Instruction – Tenure

Dr. Sabine LeBorne – Mathematics – Professor

Dr. Motoya Machida – Mathematics – Associate Professor

Dr. Benjamin Mohr – Civil & Environmental Engineering – Tenure

Dr. Gwendolyn Norris – Sociology & Political Science – Professor

Dr. Alexander Shibakov – Mathematics - Professor

Mr. Andrew Smith – English & Communications – Tenure

Dr. Holly Stretz – Chemical Engineering – Tenure and Associate Professor

Dr. Eric Willie – Music and Art – Associate Professor

Dr. Hong Zhang – Chemistry – Professor

Dr. Ying Zhang – Mechanical Engineering - Professor