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In order to simplify billing for clients of Creative Services, a unit of the Office of Communications & Marketing, invoices for services rendered will be sent to the client office upon the delivery of the third proof of a project or upon approval, whichever comes first.

The new guidelines also allow for projects that use both Creative Services and Photo Services (also a unit of Communications & Marketing) to be billed on a single invoice. For example, if Creative Services designs a banner for a client and Photo Services produces it, the two charges will be placed on a single invoice. In the past, they were handled through two separate billing and tracking systems.

“At the end of the last fiscal year, we found that some of our clients were confused over whether certain projects were billed or not, or if they were billed for the correct amount,” said Dewayne Wright, director of Creative Services.

Creative Services operates under a flat-fee system for university projects, instead of a per-hour system used by most advertising and design agencies. This flat-fee included three proofs. Clients are informed that any additional changes after the third proof might incur additional charges.

“We are just formalizing our existing structure,” Wright said. “This will provide our clients with a more accurate way to know what charges they are incurring throughout the year.”

Once an office receives an invoice, it should fill out the appropriate number of IDTs and send them, along with a copy of the invoice, to Communications & Marketing.

An additional change is to cover what are called “abandoned projects.”

“These are projects that Creative Services completes work on and delivers a proof, but then does not receive any response from clients,” Wright explained.

For these projects, Communications & Marketing will prepare an IDT and bill for services rendered one month after the most recent proof has been delivered.