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TTU Educational Benefits Information/Deadlines

Each semester hundreds of TTU employees take advantage of our educational benefits using the PC191, Staff Scholarship, Spouse/Dependent discount, or other forms of TTU Educational Benefits. Instructions for using each benefit and text of applicable policies and procedures are available on the Human Resources (HR) website at (Click on Employee Benefits – 2.1 to 2.8). We want to ensure those employees taking advantage of these benefits can do so as easily as possible, and the following guidelines provide important information to ensure efficient and timely processing of educational benefits.

Educational Benefits forms have been updated. Please destroy all old forms and begin using only the new forms effective immediately. Please wait to submit forms until after you are registered.

• Fee Waiver and Discount Forms

All fee waiver and discount forms are available on the HR website at Most forms must be printed on NCR paper (allows duplication of signatures) which should be available in your departmental secretary's office. If you do not have access to NCR paper, you may request a form by emailing

• Required Signatures

Please ensure that all required signatures are obtained before submitting forms to HR for processing. You must register for courses and confirm your enrollment by the deadline date.

• Deadlines for Fee Waivers and Discounts

Fee waiver and discount forms are due in HR a minimum of two (2) work weeks before fee payment is due. The forms can be submitted after you register. Fee waivers submitted after December 9 will be processed as quickly as possible in the order they are received, but there is no guarantee that they can be processed in time for the pre-registration fee payment deadlines. In this case, the student will be responsible for payment of registration fees and will be reimbursed by the Business Office after the term begins. We will not be able to process forms while you wait. If you need to take a form to another school, please leave a phone number or address so we can contact you or mail the form back to you when it is ready.


If it is necessary to make changes to your class schedule after submitting the PC-191, C&S Staff Scholarship, or Faculty/Administrative Staff Tuition Reimbursement, you must submit the corrections in writing to HR. You can do this by emailing changes to Your notification should reference the semester, the form used, the class originally submitted on the form, and the new class.

• Other State Institution Deadlines

Please verify the fee waiver and discount form submission deadline and the fee payment deadline at the school you or your family member will be attending and submit forms accordingly. Some schools do not want forms signed by TTU HR any earlier than one month before the term begins.

Spring 2012 – TTU Schedule

Advisement will begin November 7 and early course selection is November 14 to January 4.

PC-191 – First day to register for this class is December 15.

Deadline to pay pre-registration fees and confirm your enrollment is 4:30 PM on January 4 at TTU Business Office (12:00 midnight if paying on-line with credit card). Be sure that your fee waivers and discount forms are submitted to HR no later than December 9 if you need credit to pay your bill by January 4.

Regular Registration – January 10 & 11

All registration, fee payments and confirmation must be done before the close of business at 6:00 PM on January 11. If you are planning to use a fee waiver or discount form that has not been processed, you will need to pay your student account balance so that you can confirm your enrollment. You will receive an excess aid check or direct deposit reimbursement after fee waivers are processed. Last day for 100% refund for dropped classes is January 11.

Classes Begin – January 12

Late Registration – January 13

Everyone with unpaid bills from January 12 and those registering from January 13 thru January 18 will be charged a late fee of $100. This charge is not covered by fee waivers and is the responsibility of the student.

• Questions?

Please direct specific questions to Sharon King at


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