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New design includes interactive features
The medium that best markets and communicates Tennessee Tech University’s mission and personality — the Web site – launches with a new design and new functionality.

Although the design and layout change make an immediate splash, visitors and campus users alike will soon see how the underlying structure and functionality improvements make using the site faster and more enjoyable.

The “Wow” factors include a more graphic-intense design, an interactive campus map, a new calendar system, a new people finder and a locally indexed search engine.

Matthew Gann
Matthew Gann, Director of Web & Digital Media

“The new site reflects the same look and feel as the university’s’ marketing campaign,” said Matthew Gann, web and digital media director. “The web site is a main avenue of communication with prospective students, but it is also an important tool for faculty, staff and current students.

“What we’ve created is an enterprise level content management system, which simply means it will be easier and faster for individual content managers within departments to build and maintain their sites,” said Gann.

When designing and organizing the new site, Gann and the Office of Public Affairs considered feedback from focus groups and surveys from faculty, staff, students and potential students.

As a result, Gann says the new site’s organization follows a different structure from the organizational chart. The local search engine, changed from the Google engine, also allows the university to control search results.


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