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Award nominations are being solicited for the Outstanding Faculty Awards in Teaching and Professional Service.

Any faculty member with three or more years of teaching and service to the university is eligible, except faculty members who have won one of the awards in the past three years.

Any faculty member, student or alumnus may submit nominations, which should be in letter form describing why nominee merits consideration; only one letter per nominee is needed. Nominations for teaching awards should be based on instructional competence and effectiveness. Nominations for the service award should be based on service to the university in non-teaching and non-research capacities and on service to the community, state, region and nation.

Winners of the teaching award over the past five years were Daniel Badoe, James Baier, Donald Visco, David Smith, Joseph Biernacki, Richard Le Borne, Shannon Collins, Susan Gore, Tony Baker, and Steven Hayslette.

Winners of the service award were Helen Dainty, Paula Hinton, Joseph Hermann, Jessica Matson and Sastry Munukutla.

Mail nominations to the Outstanding Faculty Awards Committee at Box 5136 no later than Feb. 17.