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When it comes to pedestrian safety at on campus, it's a two way street, says TTU Safety Director Jim Cobb.

"Both the drivers on our campus and pedestrians are responsible for helping to keep everyone safe on our busy campus," Cobb said. Both drivers and pedestrians can be distracted while using iPods and other mobile devices, which creates potential safety hazards.

One of the challenges that TTU faces is that the population is continually turning over. That's why Cobb offers these pedestrian safety reminders:

For drivers: Remember that the speed limit on campus is 15 mph at all times.

For pedestrians: Take care crossing Dixie Avenue and all streets running through our campus. Look in all directions before stepping into the roadway. Use the designated crosswalks.

For more information about state laws regarding pedestrian safety, see this Tennessee Department of Safety website.

A recent article in The New York Times explains why more state legislators looking for ways to keep pedestrians safe.