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The faculty research program was established in the fall of 1963 to stimulate interest in research on the part of the faculty, provide institutional assistance to faculty members who wish to undertake research projects, and assist in the dissemination of information developed in faculty research projects.

The research program provides support for investigations of new research areas for the faculty members involved. The results of such support are expected to be publications or other dissemination of results and, where appropriate, proposals for external funding. It is anticipated that the results of faculty research will filter downward into the classroom, particularly to graduate courses. The University takes the view that a primary benefit of faculty research lies in its potential to improve instruction. New faculty members are particularly encouraged to apply for a Faculty Research Committee Grant.

Proposals for funding for 2014-15 are due by noon Friday, Dec. 20, in the Office of Research in Derryberry 306. One hard copy of the proposal must be received before non and no proposals will be accepted after this time. The faculty research grant committee has made extensive revisions to the grant program. Please review the guidelines at:

Faculty members interested in learning more about preparing proposals for consideration are invited to attend one of two seminars sponsored by the Office of Research. The seminars are scheduled for 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, in Derryberry 145.