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Thirty-two TTU employees were recognized this month for 25 years of service at the university.

Employees joining the TTU Quarter Century Club in 2012 include: Linda Banks, Civil and Environmental Engineering Office; Vickie Floyd, Business Office; John Gentry, M and R Projects; Donna White, University Police; Susan Horne, Dining Services; Dennis George, Water Resources Center; John Harwood, Chemistry; Michael Burduck, English and Communications; James Stewart, English and Communications; Dewey Thurman, Mathematics; Madhumati Gandhi, Mathematics; Andrzej Gutek, Mathematics; John Shriner, Physics; Sakir Ayik, Physics; Steven Isbell, Economics, Finance and Marketing; Frederick Kennedy, Music and Art; Claude Looper, University Police; Tammy Cobb, Telephone Services; Magdalena Rappl, Economics, Finance and Marketing; Lisa Rice, Agriculture and Human Sciences; Michael Wheeler, Information Technology; Sandra Pigg, Water Resources Center; Etter Staggs, Energy Systems Research Center; Michael Huddleston, Post Office; Ghadir Radman, Electrical and Chemical Engineering; Tawnya Robinson-Moss, Horticulture; Betty Harris, COOP Fisheries Unit; Tammie McMillan, Athletics; Harold Hall, Residence Halls Maintenance; Willimena Williams, Counseling and Psychology; Cordell Dowell, Dining Services; Emma Earls, College of Business, and; James Mathis, Residence Halls Maintenance.

Total service for the 2012 additions to the Quarter Century Club is 825 years. Each of the employees was invited to the Thursday, February 9, basketball game and provided two free basketball tickets by Athletics. Chartwells Dining Services provided coupons for a free hot dog, nachos, or popcorn and a free beverage. Each honoree was given a TTU eagle pin and the honorees, along with their guests, were invited to the Eagles’ Nest before the game.

President Bell presented each honoree with a congratulatory certificate and photos were made with Awesome Eagle. Total service for all TTU Quarter Century Club members is 5,208 years! Employees who were unable to attend the evening celebration were invited to attend a brunch in their honor. All others have been contacted to schedule a time to receive their congratulatory certificate and eagle pin from President Bell.

Congratulations to each of these employees upon reaching the 25-year milestone with Tennessee Tech!