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FLS is a private English-learning school located on the TTU campus. Students from overseas and from our local community enroll to learn English and the American culture. We offer year round programs as well as summer group programs. Some of these students stay with host families and are eager to experience family life in America. Host families also provide a warm and caring English-learning environment for the students.

Compensation/Stipend: $425 (per 28 days for twin) $475 (per 28 days for single)

Housing options:

1. Two students may share a room. (Family will be compensated for each student.)
2. One student may share the room with a son or daughter of the same gender
3. One student may have his/her own room

Family Responsibilities to provide:

1. A caring and comfortable environment
2. Transportation to school and from school (if close students can walk or ride bus)
3. Breakfast and dinner during the week; breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends. Breakfast may be simple-i.e. cereal, toast, fruit, whatever you do for your family.

- Students will be busy during the day with English classes. They will have time in the evenings to spend with their host families as well as the weekends. FLS plans activities, which the students can choose to attend on most weekends, but the students do not have to participate. The driver will take non-camp students home at the end of FLS activities.

If your family attends church, you may offer to bring your student(s) to church with you. Your student(s) may go if they would like to, but are not required to do so.

Hosting is a great cultural experience for your family and for the student. If you can help in any way, please let me know.

Angie Denson
Housing Coordinator at FLS at Tennessee Tech