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It's been a year since the university implemented the No Smoking and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, but there's one myth still making its way around campus that is confusing students, faculty and staff.

The misinformation usually follows this line of reasoning: The sidewalks are public property, not university property, so you can stand on a public sidewalk and smoke without violating the policy.

No, the no-smoking/tobacco-free policy can be enforced by the university in public areas, says Dean of Students Ed Boucher.

"Our policy prohibits smoking and any tobacco use inside buildings or outside anywhere on campus grounds," explained Boucher. "That includes the sidewalk or any public roads or rights of way that are next to or within the perimeter of our campus, according to a state statute and Tennessee Board of Regents' policy."

As a reminder, the policy prohibits smoking or use any tobacco products in all university buildings and grounds, TTU affiliated off-campus locations and facilities, and all state vehicles. Tobacco usage is permitted only in private vehicles.

Visitors are notified by signs and often by announcements. According to the policy, violations will be dealt with in a manner consistent with university procedures. It specifically prohibits reprisals against anyone reporting violations of the policy. Student violations should be reported to Residential Life or Student Affairs. Employee violations should be reported to appropriate supervisors.

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