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To keep current with technology, the Office of Telecommunications recently implemented a new call accounting system that will change the way departments get their phone bills. Monthly telephone bills will be processed and distributed in an electronic format. 

As of August 1, faculty and staff will no longer receive paper copies of monthly phone bills. Offices and departments will receive two emails. The first email will be the “summary billing report” which will summarize line charges, long distance and other auxiliary charges by extension. The second email will contain the “call detail report” which will include the long distance call detail. Recently each department was asked to provide a designated email address to receive the monthly phone bill. 

Should it become necessary to modify the designated email address, the academic or administrative officer for the department will submit the requested email address change in writing to Telecommunications prior to the first day of the next month, and the change will be entered before the next bill is processed. Departments who incur charges for auxiliary services such as cellular, incoming 800 lines, etc., will continue to receive the call detail provided by those vendors in campus mail, but totals will be included in the summary billing report. 

For any questions about the new format, please call Telecommunications at X3800.