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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (July 14, 2014) – Tennessee Tech University’s Office of Facilities and Business Services has a number of major projects underway through the summer months. It’s also preparing for some large-scale construction scheduled to start in the fall.

The work supports the major campus initiatives as outlined in TTU’s master plan, refined and approved in 2013. Jack Butler, associate vice president for Facilities and Business Services, says he hopes that faculty and staff will be inconvenienced as little as possible, and that students will see no disconnect in services through all the changes.

The planned changes include:

  • The TTU police department will be relocated to refurbished offices on the first floor of Foundation Hall by the start of the fall semester. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will be moved to the third floor of Foundation Hall.
  • Telecommunication services will be moved to the University Services building by the start of fall.
  • A greenhouse, the fisheries’ boat storage and a solar array located between Tech Village and the Averitt Express Baseball Complex will be moved this summer. The newly vacant space will be reserved for phase one of a new parking lot, which will go to bid this fall.
  • The parking lot between Johnson and Pennebaker halls will be torn out starting July 15. The greenhouse from the Tech Village/baseball complex area and a mini-arboretum and sitting area will be installed in the space by August 15.
  • The fisheries’ boat storage will be moved to the far west end of campus, along Franklin Street and north of 9th Street. Adjacent to the new boat storage will be phase two of the parking lot project.
  • The seven Tech Village buildings located east of Willow Avenue will be demolished this fall.
  • Renovations to Ellington-Warf residence hall are expected to be completed in time for the fall semester.
  • TTU’s ROTC program will be moving from Tucker Stadium and to the former police department building on 8th Street by the start the fall semester.
  • This summer, crews will begin installing additional parking and reorienting existing spaces behind Foundation Hall.
  • The College of Agriculture & Human Ecology and the foreign languages department will remain in Foundation Hall until December 2014. Faculty and staff will be moved back to a renovated South Hall in the spring.
  • The internal audit and state audit offices have been permanently relocated to the third floor of Foundation Hall.
  • The offices of the new TTU-affiliated Center for Healthcare Informatics are located on the third floor of Foundation Hall.
  • The Office of Research and the grant accounting office have been permanently relocated to Foundation Hall’s third floor.
  • The College of Education’s child development lab and playground have been relocated from Matthews-Daniel Hall to Southwest Hall. The new playground should be complete by the end of July.
  • The TTU food truck should arrive on campus in mid-July. Its loading and maintenance home will be next to the Foundation Hall kitchen. Administrators plan to have the food truck ready to go for its morning and afternoon stops by the start of fall semester.

Changes scheduled to begin this fall include:

  • The Office of Facilities and Business Services will select a designer for two large construction projects: the new laboratory sciences building, to be located north of the Capitol Quad in what is currently a parking lot; and the new fitness center.
  • A designer for renovation work on the Jere Whitson Memorial Building will also be selected. Construction is anticipated to begin after May 2015. When complete, the Office of Enrollment Management will be moved into the building.
  • The Office of Extended Programs’ emergency medical services certification program will be moved from Jere Whitson this fall and into the second floor of Foundation Hall. The move should be complete by the end of 2014.