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IMPORTANT: You must complete the Title VI Training in D2L. If you have taken a course through D2L before, you already have a username. If you do not recall that username, you can register with a different email address, or you can contact the ROCC Help Desk at 1-888-223-0023 to retrieve your username. Tell the ROCC assistant you are registering for the TTU Title VI Training, and you will be provided with your username. After receiving your username, you will need to set a new password.

To register for Title VI Training and complete the training and assessment, follow the steps below.

1. Go to and carefully read the instructions for D2L registration. This information will be helpful to understand before you begin registration.

2. To register for the Title VI Training, go to

At the left of the screen, beneath "Login," choose "External Registration."

3. Answer the questions that follow regarding your username. If you receive the prompt, "Email is already in use," call the ROCC Help Desk at 1-888-223-0023 to obtain your username. You will then need to reset your password, located just beneath "External Registration."

Once you have entered your username and password,  you will see a list of courses available.

Choose "Title VI Training - TTU."

When you see the information for the course, choose "Register."

Complete the registration steps as directed. When registration is complete, you will be given your username and password. Record your username and password. You will not get another record of your password. You will soon receive an email confirming your registration.

4. To begin the training course, go to

Enter your username and password. The D2L site will appear.

Under "My Tennessee Board of Regents Courses," choose "Title VI Training – TTU."

You will see an opening page with the course coordinator's information.

Read the information, then choose "You may begin the Title VI Training Course here" at the bottom of the screen.

5. Before you start the course, read the "How to Navigate Through the Course" information.

You must select the blue forward arrow at the upper right of the screen, under "Logout," to proceed through each page of the course. You must go through every screen to take the Final Assessment. The system will not allow you to take the Final Assessment if you skip screens.

6. You will have three attempts to reach a score of 70%. When you have successfully completed the assessment, print the congratulations screen at the end for your records. The course coordinator will automatically receive a confirmation that you have completed the training as well and will make note of your participation in the Title VI training. Do not email your confirmation to the course coordinator.

If you need assistance at any time during the process, call the ROCC Help Desk at 1-888-223-0023. You may also contact the course coordinator, Sherrie Parker, at 931-372-3016 with questions.