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Spring 2013 TTU Administrator Evaluations

Full-Time Members of the Faculty:

In accordance with University policy, all full-time faculty members are given an opportunity to provide information annually regarding the evaluation of all academic and some general university administrators. The evaluation process is an electronic one, using iLearn (powered by Desire2Learn).

Your participation in this process is urged.  Please be as objective as possible in this evaluation.  If you think that you have not had enough experience with an administrator to form a basis for judgment, please just indicate by item that you are unable to judge.

Upon logging into iLearn, you will access this evaluation process through the link that is labeled "TTU Administrator Annual Evaluations." Included in this evaluation process are the President, the Provost, the Vice Presidents, the Associate Vice Presidents, the Dean, the Associate Dean(s) and Assistant Dean(s) in your college, the Department Chairperson, and various administrative units and offices.

For your review, information about the accomplishments of senior administrators can be accessed from campus computers by using the following web address:

If your respective chairperson is being considered for reappointment, then that aspect is included in the chairperson evaluation form.

An evaluation form is included for each person whom you are asked to evaluate. There is no coding to identify an evaluation form with the faculty member who completes the form; the evaluator is anonymous. All of the information, including comments, will be given to the person evaluated and to his or her supervisors. Tabular data, which will not identify the person evaluated, will be reviewed by all administrators who are evaluated. Confidentiality of the evaluation and its results cannot be ensured because of the Tennessee Open Records Law.

Information about using iLearn is available from the Technology Institute. Please see the attached PDF document for more information. It is not necessary to complete all evaluation forms in one sitting. For any of your evaluation forms, you can complete and save your answers without submitting that form, and then come back later and complete the form, save it again, and submit it. However, once you have submitted a form, you cannot access that form again.

In order to ensure that your response can be included in the tabulations, please complete the evaluation forms by Monday, February 18, 2013.

I hope that you will participate in this process, a process which can be very instructive and especially helpful to the administrators who are evaluated.


Philip Oldham

To access the TTU Administrator Annual Evaluations via iLearn:


 Go to OR select the Faculty & Staff link on the TTU homepage and

select iLearn.

 To login

o Username: your campus username (only the first part of your email address before the

o Password: this is the password that you use to access your TTU email (Exchange/RIM)

 Once you successfully login, you will be on the My Home screen.

 In the middle of the page, there is a box entitled My Tennessee Technological University Courses.

 You might see two tabs (or more) in this box. Make sure to choose the Student tab.

 Select the TTU Administrator Annual Evaluations link.

 This will take you to the list of online surveys.

 Select a survey by clicking on the link.

 As you go through the surveys, select the options that best fit, and be sure to Save your answers

and Submit the survey.

NOTE: If you begin a survey and cannot complete it at that time, be sure to Save the attempt without submitting, so you can revisit the survey. You must Submit it for the survey to be complete.

If you have difficulty logging in or accessing iLearn or the TTU Administrator Annual Evaluations, please call 931‐372‐3675 or email

Faculty who have not been through the required "Introduction to iLearn" workshop will only have access for the two weeks that the Administrator Evaluations are open. When the two‐week period has expired, you will not have access to iLearn courses. If you would like to use iLearn with your courses, you can go to the Technology Institute web site ( and register for the Introduction workshop.