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Tennessee Tech University sent letters to 42 former and current employees yesterday informing them of a security breach related to personal identifying information.

Through a cooperative effort between the university and the Cookeville Police Department, we learned that alleged criminal acts by a former TTU employee have resulted in unauthorized access to personal information of 42 former, current, adjunct and student university employees.

"The security breach was discovered as a result of communication between Tennessee Tech University and the Cookeville Police Department," said Mike Cowan, TTU human resources director. "The police recently provided the university with the names of affected employees and former employees and the compromised information associated with those names."

The university is in the process of reporting this problem to the three major credit reporting agencies. TTU will assist the 42 notified by providing additional resources and reimbursement for a credit monitoring service for one year. The university also is in the process of setting up an audit, conducted by an outside agency, to evaluate the university's processes and procedures related to handling personal information.

"We want to make sure individuals are aware of the situation so they can carefully monitor their financial records for unauthorized activity over the next several months," said Cowan. "Although this is an ongoing investigation, the Cookeville Police Department provided us with essential information so that we can act in the best interest of those affected by this situation."

Although currently there is no evidence that the security breach extends beyond the 42 notified, the university is in the process of sending letters to about 11,000 current and former employees with information on how to determine and report fraudulent activity involving their credit.

The TTU Police Department and the Cookeville Police Department continue to pursue evidence in this ongoing investigation.