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TTU is beginning an initiative that promises a closer alignment between budgets and Flight Plan.

The university is launching efforts to help determine if we should change our approach to resource management, allocation and planning by answering three questions:

  • Is TTU's current approach constraining success?
  • Would a new approach simply replace current challenges with new ones?
  • Can a new approach be customized to fit our mission, culture and objectives?

A steering committee comprising several administrative and academic stakeholders has been charged with leading the initiative, with support from Huron Consulting Group. Selected campus stakeholders will be interviewed during the next six weeks and recommendations are expected this spring.

The number of institutions pursuing resource allocation redesign initiatives continues to grow as universities seek to increase the number of stakeholders focused on resource maximization. Common themes illustrate why redesigns are important, as they are credited with promoting strategic initiatives, increasing transparency and growing revenues. An alternate approach to resource management, allocation and planning can also help improve the nature of decision making.

Steering Committee

Bahman Ghorashi, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Claire Stinson, VP for Planning and Finance

Evelyn Chambers, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Darrell Hoy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jack Matson, Associate Professor Decision Sciences and Management

Julie Baker, College of Education Assistant Dean

Helen Dainty, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Jeff Young, AVP for Business and Fiscal Affairs

Emily Wheeler, Assistant to the VP for Planning and Finance

Liz Mullens, College of Agriculture and Human Ecology Dean

Paul Semmes, College of Arts and Sciences Dean