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The TTU campus will follow other Tennessee Board of Regents universities in implementing a no smoking and tobacco-free campus policy, effective Jan. 1.

Students, faculty, staff and all visitors will no longer be allowed to smoke or use any tobacco products in all university buildings and grounds, TTU affiliated off-campus locations and facilities, and all state vehicles. Tobacco usage will be permitted only in private vehicles.

The policy was approved by the Buildings & Grounds Committee and the Administrative Council. It was reported through the University Assembly, endorsed by the Student Government Association, and authorized by the Tennessee Board of Regents at its quarterly meeting earlier this month.

According to the policy, violations will be dealt with in a manner consistent with university procedures. It specifically prohibits reprisals against anyone reporting violations of the policy. Student violations should be reported to Residential Life or Student Affairs. Employee violations should be reported to appropriate supervisors.

Text of the complete policy follows below. It will be posted online with the university policies and procedures after Jan. 1.



No Smoking & Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Tennessee Tech University (TTU) agrees with the US Surgeon General that tobacco use in any form, active and/or passive, is a significant health hazard. TTU further recognizes that environmental tobacco smoke has been classified as a Class-A carcinogen, and that the State of Tennessee is actively dissuading its employees from smoking. TTU supports the American College Health Association Position Statement on Tobacco on College and University Campuses (, Feb 2005). Due to these health risks, TTU has adopted a NO SMOKING & TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS policy.


No Smoking & Tobacco-Free Campus

7.1 Policy

Effective January 1, 2010, TTU is a No- Smoking & Tobacco-Free Campus, with all smoking (‘herbal’ and tobacco) and all other tobacco usage permitted only in private vehicles. This policy applies to all university buildings and grounds; TTU-affiliated off-campus locations and clinics; and any buildings or properties owned, leased or rented by TTU in all other areas. Smoking & tobacco use continues to be prohibited in all state vehicles. This no smoking & tobacco-free campus policy is in effect 24 hours a day year-round.


The university promotes a healthy, sanitary environment free from all smoke (‘herbal’ and tobacco) and tobacco-related debris. The TTU community acknowledges that long-term health hazards may accrue to people who use tobacco products or who are subjected to second-hand smoke. The failure to address the use of tobacco products on campus would constitute a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Vocational Rehabilitation Act and Tennessee law.


Understanding the addictive nature of tobacco products, TTU will make every effort to assist those who may wish to stop using tobacco. TTU Human Resources, Health Services and Counseling Center offer current information about available resources. The State offers toll-free assistance at 1-800-QuitNow (1-800-784-8669). The American Cancer Society offers free counsel to individuals wanting to quit.

7.2 Compliance and Enforcement

It is the responsibility of all members of the TTU community and visitors to comply with this no smoking & tobacco-free campus policy. Violations of the policy will be dealt with in a manner that is consistent with university procedures. There shall be no reprisals against anyone reporting violations of this policy.

No Smoking & Tobacco-Free Campus Enforcement Policy

All employees and students are encouraged to remind visitors to the campus who violate this policy that TTU is a no smoking & tobacco-free campus. Visitors who refuse to abide by the policy will be asked to leave the campus.

Student violations of this policy should be reported to Residential Life or the Office of Student Affairs. Students continuing in violation of this policy will be subject to the Student Disciplinary Process of the TTU Student Handbook, administered by the Dean of Students.

Faculty, staff and administrator violations are to be reported to their supervisors, who will provide the initial reprimand and counsel to that person. Further violations will be handled through the progressive discipline process.

University Police will handle anyone refusing to comply or who becomes abusive toward the reporting party.