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Supervisors and managers across the university's administration began a series of meetings late last week with a job compensation consultant to retool the university's compensation and rewards system through a multi-year process.

The incremental implementation of some changes will be subject to budget availability, but as the state's economic condition improves, President Bob Bell says this study will give the university a systematic approach to develop a foundation from which to operate.

"This will allow us to build a strong platform for when funds become available in the future to address many of our compensation issues," said President Bob Bell.

The Centre Group, the consultancy firm selected for this project and headquartered in Memphis, has served as a consultant for the Tennessee Board of Regents' Central Office, two TBR universities and about two-thirds of TBR community colleges.

There are several major phases to the consultation process that will take place over the next few months.

The consultants will:

• Review all exempt positions to ensure they meet the criteria for exempt status.

• Look at the structure and pay for similar jobs in the external market

• Explore internal relationships of current jobs and consistent criteria for job titles

• Calculate the economic impact of the integrated information

• Recommend revised administrative policies and procedures and a long-term implementation plan.

"There are several benefits to going through this process," said Mike Cowan, Human Resource director. "We want to bring more credibility and confidence to our compensation and reward system. We also want to increase the transparency of our system and simplify our processes."

This study involves administrative and staff positions. A faculty compensation plan was put in place previously to address similar faculty salary issues and that plan remains flexible and can be updated as needed.

Supervisors will be attending orientation meetings in the next few days and will be asked to begin submitting key elements in the process, including job descriptions.

Visit Human Resources website where a job analysis questionnaire and other information is now posted. To keep you informed as the process progresses and new information is posted, updates will be published in the Tech Times.