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The printed phone directory you are accustomed to receiving each October won't clutter your desk any more now that university's phone directory is exclusively online.

With an enhanced search function, you can search online for individual or department phone numbers. Also, you can find employees listed by department in a .pdf under "Resources" on the TTU homepage. This document has the familiar look of the set of green pages in the printed directories.

"We've always known that a printed directory was out of date as soon as it was printed," said Sandra Bohannon, Student Affairs and Eagle Card Office director. "Now, the online directory will reflect changes in personnel in a much more timely way."

The "People" search function on the upper right hand side of the homepage directs you to individuals and also to the dropdown box for the departmental directory. The directory is a work in progress this semester and you will continue to see improvements over time.

Bohannon said efficiency and cost savings drove the decision to begin the online only directory.

"We will continue to enhance and improve the online directory so that it works well for everyone," she said.

If you find an error in your entry, you can update your phone extension, P.O. Box, Building or Office number in the directory by filling out the online form on the Human Resources website.

Update Phone Extension, P.O. Box, Building, or Office Number in Phone Directory