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In anticipation of the 2015 Centennial Celebration, our 100th anniversary, Facilities & Business Services (Operations & Maintenance) is attempting to renovate the turf on the quad, a process that will take two to three years to accomplish. To keep the quad at least partially open during this time, five sections have been created.

Three sections are being renovated this semester. They have already been sprayed to kill the existing grass and weeds. We will add lime and fertilizer based on soil test results, and they will then be churned up with two treatments for comparison, and a drag will be used to help even out the surfaces. These sections will be seeded to a blend of cool-season turfgrasses, and they will be surrounded with construction fence to limit access.

Two sections will be left with the current grass and be available for continued uses. They will be treated to kill the weed populations, then limed and fertilized as recommended by soil test results. We will also use our core aerator as a general practice to improve drainage and aeration, and apply cool-season turf grass by drill-seeding and top dressing.

Next season, the renovation process will be repeated on the two remaining sections, and the maintenance and overseeding will occur on the three new sections. We hope everyone—students, faculty, staff and alumni will enjoy the end results in 2015.