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Recently, there has been significant instability in our wireless network. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience at the start of this semester, and we regret that you have been inconvenienced. Our future commitment is to provide each of you with services that exceed your expectations. I hope this note will explain the situation.

Several months ago, an external review indicated that the university should install software to ensure that our network user workstations were not putting other users and university assets at risk. To accomplish this, TTU's IT Services staff installed a new software suite from Bradford Networks that checks each user connecting to the network to ensure he/she has current antivirus software. After the user connects and registers their device, a second registration on the network should not be required. At the same time, some aspects of the core backbone network had to be configured differently to handle users who were not "safe" on the network and remediate this situation. When the changes were deployed before the holiday break, no problems were seen.

However, as students and faculty returned, problems began to emerge where individual connections to the network were failing. After diagnosing the problems, we eventually determined the issues were in the network routing changes, not the Bradford Networks solution. IT Services staff escalated the problem to our network vendor's highest support levels, asking for assistance in solving this problem. For three days, IT Services staff and our network vendor worked non-stop attempting to resolve the problem. This morning, we believe the network problems have been substantially resolved. There may still be isolated problems and we really need to know about these. Also, individual users may have difficulty with the Bradford solution. Please contact our Service Desk at 931-372-3388 with specific information that may help us diagnose and correct any residual problems.

J. Reid Christenberry

Chief Information Officer