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For information on trademarks, licensing and producing items other than printed publications using any of TTU's logos, names or marks, see "Trademarks and Licensing" on the Communications & Marketing web site.

The Tennessee Tech logos and wordmarks are federally registered and licensed trademarks. Any unauthorized use of a TTU logo or wordmark is a violation of federal and state trademark laws and university policy. Prior approval is required for any use of a TTU logo or wordmark on printed publication for non-academic use and on any other materials, including promotional items.

The main element of the university's visual identity is the official logo, represented by the interlocking TTU. The official logo must appear on all university publications. Other logotypes are not authorized for use on university materials, with the exception of the university's athletics symbols and the university seal.

The university wordmark (the spelling out of Tennessee Tech University that appears next to the logo) is also a visual identifier of the university, and may be used in conjunction with the logo. While the logo may appear without the wordmark, the wordmark may not stand alone and must always be paired with the logo in either the approved vertical or horizontal orientations.

The logo and wordmark may not be altered. It must remain in the proportion as originally designed. Embellishments such as stars, borders, type (other than authorized logo/wordmarks), or drawings constitute alterations and are not permitted. Placement of the logo next to another organization's logotype or another stylized graphic device is allowed only in special circumstances.

It is preferred that the logo be printed in black or in the university's colors — either purple (PMS 266) or yellow (PMS 109). In four-color publications, process color approximating PMS 266 or PMS 109 is permissible. If a publication is printed in a single color other than black, purple or yellow, the logo may be printed in the alternate color as well.

Digital reproductions of the logo and wordmarks are available from the Office of Communications & Marketing and must be used for printed or paper-based publications so that technical quality is maintained. To aid in Internet, video, multimedia and computer presentations, digital files of the logo and wordmark are also available through the Office of Communications & Marketing. A select group of logo and wordmark sizes is available below for use in Internet or computer presentations. You can save these GIF files to your computer by right-clicking on the image and choosing the "Save As ..." command, or drag the image from your browser window to your desktop.

The use of other computer-generated recreations of the logo (photocopied, cut out of an existing publication or scanned) is prohibited.

Black TTU Logo - Hex Code: #000000

Gold TTU Logo - Hex Code: #FFCC00

Purple TTU Logo - Hex Code: #660099

Logos with wordmark