Distinguished Service Learning Award

Eligibility for nomination of the Distinguished Service Learning Award will be determined according to the following definition of Service Learning:

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  


Who is Eligible for this Award?
  • Any faculty member, including adjuncts, who have demonstrated  exceptional service learning initiatives through the university
  • Any student at the university who has demonstrated exceptional participation and leadership in service learning initiatives through the university. 
Who Can Make a Nomination for this Award? 

Any students, faculty members, administrators or staff members 

What Does the Recipient(s) Receive? One student and one faculty member, each year, will be presented a framed certificate at one of the awards receptions.  They will also be presented with a $250 check sponsored by the Office of the Provost.  
How Can I Nominate a Student or a Faculty Member?  Email the nominee's full name, department and email address to us at volunteer@tntech.edu.  We will reach out and request for them to submit a packet to be considered for the award.  
When Should I Nominate Someone for the Award?  Nominees will have until April 5 to complete their packet and get it submitted to the review committee.  All letters of recommendations will be due by this date as well.  Nominations will be solicited in March, giving the nominee up to a month to gather the information needed for their submissions as well as requesting appropriate letters to be included with their submissions. 
What Should be Included in the Nominee's Packet?

See Faculty Packet Request Here

See Student Packet Request Here

A Microsoft Word version of the appropriate document above will be sent to the nominee upon notification of nomination.  

All submissions will be due by the end of the day on April 5.  


Rules and Regulations

There is a Service Awards Sub-committee that will be responsible for reviewing the nomination packets and making a decision on the faculty recipient and the student recipient each year.  

A member of the committee may be nominated for this award, but will be excused from the decision making process for that year and a temporary replacement will join the committee in place of the nominee.  

Members of the Service Committee may make nominations for the award unless they chair the committee, act as ex-officio for the committee, or service on the Awards Sub-committee.  

Members of the Service Committee may write a recommendation letter for a nominee unless they chair the committee, act as ex-officio for the committee, or serve on the Awards Sub-committee. 

The Distinguished Service Learning Award is Sponsored by the Office of the Provost

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