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Student Spotlight: Nusrat Jannah Snigdha

Nusrat Jannah Snigdha obtained her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Bangladesh, recently defended her master’s degree thesis, and will be graduating in December 2021 from Tennessee Tech. Despite coming from an entirely different background, her interest in wetland hydrology led her to work with her advisor, associate professor in civil engineering Alfred Kalyanapu, in the USDA/NRCS Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) and pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering.  She worked on in-situ hydrologic monitoring of wetlands, time-series data analysis, and GIS-based spatial analysis in her graduate research. She additionally aimed at assessing the restoration impact of a forested wetland located in Carlisle County, Kentucky, using remote sensing and GIS-based analyses by estimating multiple hydrologic and vegetation indicators. To understand the restoration impact, she analyzed spatiotemporal variability of reliable restoration impact indicators such as evapotranspiration, surface water, visible saturation, plant coverage, and landscape metrics for pre-restoration and current monitoring periods. The analyses performed in this study provided a comprehensive and adaptable methodology to evaluate wetland restoration impact preceding assistance in decision-making for restoration practices. This methodology could also be helpful when available baseline data are inadequate and further implemented as a cost-effective approach to homogeneous wetlands.  Snigdha says the graduate research assistantship she had at Tennessee Tech was a rewarding experience. In the future, she intends to apply the expertise she gained here to projects involving the conservation of natural resources. 


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