Calendar Support

The new website will bring us a new calendar implementation. Which will give us a variety of custom settings and control over all necessary data points. This will allow us to present a more customizable experience for the users. As part of this new calendar, we will phase out the use of the EMS Master Calendar. The new calendar will be submission based and no longer import from EMS.

We have two different methods of submitting events to the calendar. Which method depends on the number of events you have to submit. For single event submissions, use the event submission form. Found here.

If you have many events to submit, it might be best to use the provided CSV file. This method allows us to batch import your events into the calendar. There is a max 500 events per CSV file.

Click here to download and instructions to fill out the CSV file.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I edit or remove a submitted calendar item?
Use this form to modify submitted calendar items.

Does the calendar have a RSS feed? 
Yes! Subscribe and build your own custom feed here.

Can I use an image with my event?
Yes, but the calendar cannot host your image. You must link to the image. Either upload to OU, use a stock site photo, or use a third party service to host. If you need assistance with this, please contact us.

Is there an approval process?
Yes. The Office of Communications and Marketing will review all submissions. 

Who can submit items to the calendar? 
Anyone in the campus community may submit an item to the university calendar. Calendar items are restricted to events happening on campus hosted by university offices and registered student organizations. Off campus events will be considered for inclusion only if they have a direct connection to the university or sponsoring student organization.

Can I print the calendar?
Yes. You'll need to subscribe to the calendar using your preferred app (such as iCal or Outlook). Then click here and open with your app. Once it's in your app, you'll need to use that to print the calendar.

What happens to EMS? 
EMS will continue to be used as our primary room reservation system. Only the Master Calendar portion of EMS will be phased out.

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