Women's Center

Families & Parenting

  • Absentee Mothers
    by Patricia Paskowicz
  • Amy’s Answering Machine
    by A. Borkowsky
  • The Bitch in the House: 26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood, and Marriage
    edited by Cathi Hanauer
  • Boomerang Kids: How to Live With Adult Children Who Return Home
    by Jean Davies Okimoto and Phyllis Jackson Stegall
  • A Celebration of American Family Folklore
    by Steven J. Zeitlin, Amy J. Kotkin, and Holly Cutting Baker
  • Childbirth in America
    by Karen L. Michaelson & Contributors
  • Children First 
    by Quincy Jones
  • Claiming Kin
    by Afi-Odelia Scruggs
  • Don't Blame Mother: Mending the Mother-Daughter Relationship
    by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Spock on Parenting
    by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
  • Dual-Career Families Re-Examined
    by Rhona and Robert Rapoport
  • Ex Etiquette
    by Audrey Grant with Paula Prociuk and John Carruthers
  • Families: Crisis and Caring
    by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
  • Family Circle
    by Susan Braudy
  • Family Tales, Family Wisdom: How to Gather the Stories of a Lifetime and Share Them with Your Family
    by Robert U. Akeret, Ed.D.
  • Family Tree
    by Carol Cadwallader
  • Family Ties Don't Have to Bind
    by Dr. James Osterhaus
  • Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous
    by JoAnn Deak & Teresa Barker
  • Great Videos for Kids
    by Catherine Cella
  • Growing Through Life
    by Rhona and Robert Rapaport
  • Growing Up Fast
    by Joanna Lipper
  • In Our Own Image
    by Bass & Pugh
  • It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us
    by Hillary R. Clinton
  • Journey To Motherhood: One Woman's Stoy of Triumph Over Miscarriage
    by Alison Freeland
  • Keeping Your Family Together When the World is Falling Apart
    by Dr. Kevin Leman
  • The Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook: Creating and Raising Our Families
    by April Martin, Ph.D.
  • Love Between Equals
    by Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.
  • Making Peace With Your Adult Children: A Guide to Family Healing
    by Shauna L. Smith, M.S.W.
  • Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
    by Andrew J. Cherlin
  • Mid-Life Motherhood
    by Jann Blackstone-Ford
  • Mirror, Mirror: Forty Folktales for Mothers and Daughters to Share
    edited by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple
  • The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood
    by Susan J. Douglas
  • Mother Daughter Revolution: From Betrayal to Power
    by Elizabeth Debold, Marie Wilson, and Idelisse Malave
  • Motherless Daughters
    by Hope Edelman
  • Mothers Who Leave
    by Rosie Jackson
  • Off the Beaten Aisle: America's Quirky Spots to Tie the Knot
    by Lisa Primerano
  • One-Parent Families
    by Sue Watkins
  • The Other Woman
    by Susan Koppelman
  • Peer Marriage: How Love Between Equals Really Works
    by Pepper Schwartz
  • The Politics of Parenthood: Child Care, Women's Rights, and the Myth of the Good Mother
    by Mary Frances Berry
  • Reviving Ophelia
    by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.
  • A Right to Childhood
    by Kriste Lindenmeyer
  • Sacred Connections: Stories of Adoption
    by Mary Ann Koenig
  • See Jane Win: The Rimm Report on How 1000 Girls Became Successful Women
    by Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D. with Sara Rimm-Kaufman, Ph.D. and Ilonna Rimm, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Single Mother's Resource Handbook
    by Head Start Development Corporation and Office of Education Research and Development, U.S. Department of Education
  • The Spirit of Family
    by Al & Tipper Gore
  • Strong Mothers Raising Strong Sons
    by Anne F. Caron, Ed.D.
  • The Wife-In-Law Trap
    by Ann Crytser
  • The Wisdom of Our Fathers
    by T. Russett
  • Women and Their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Inpact of the First Man in Your Life
    by Victoria Secunda
  • When Partners Become Parents: The Big Life Change for Couples (The Landmark Ten-Year Study)
    by Carolyn Pape Cowan and Philip A. Cowan
  • Why Have Kids?
    by Jessica Valenti
  • Young, Poor, and Pregnant: The Psychology of Teenage Motherhood
    by Judith S. Musick