Women's Center


  • Almost Touching the Skies: Women's Coming of Age Stories
    edited by Florence Howe and Jean Casella
  • Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine
    by Lisa Jervis
  • Black Feminist Thought
    by Patricia Hill Collins
  • Blues Legacies and Black Feminism
    by Angela Y. Davis
  • Catching a Wave: Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century
    edited by Rory Dicker and Alison Piepmeier
  • Class and Feminism: A Collection of Essays
    by Charlotte Brunch and Nancy Myron, eds.
  • Closer to Home (Bisexuality and Feminism)
    edited by Elizabeth Reba Weise
  • Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism
    by Hernandez & Rehmen
  • Daughters of Feminists
    by Rose L. Glickman
  • Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists
    by Sonia Shah
  • Ecofeminism
    by Mies & Shiva
  • Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience
    by Ellyn Kaschak
  • Enlightened Sexism
    by Susan Douglas
  • Exploring Women’s Studies
    by Carol Berkin
  • The Feminine Mystique
    by Betty Friedan
  • Feminism
    by Miriam Schneir
  • Feminism in Our Time
    by Miriam Schneir
  • Feminism from the Opposing Viewpoints Series
  • Feminism and Technoscience
    by Donna J. Haraway
  • The Feminist Papers
    by Alice S. Rossi
  • Feminist Research: Prospect and Retrospect
    by Redige Par Peta Tancred-Sheriff
  • Feminist Resources for Schools and Colleges
    by Anne Champman, comp., ed.
  • Feminist Thought and the Structure of Knowledge
    by Mary McCanney Gergen, ed.
  • Full Frontal Feminism
    by Jessica Valenti
  • Gender Basics
    by Anne Minas
  • A Group Called Women
    by Joan Cassell
  • Gyn Ecology
    by Mary Daly
  • Half the Sky
    by Nicholas D. Kristof
  • I Am An Emotional Creature
    by Eve Ensler
  • Ida: A Sword among Lions
    by Paula Giddings
  • In the Name of Honor
    by Mukhtar Mai
  • Inside MS: 25 Years of the Magazine
    by Mary Thom
  • Is the Future Female? Troubled Thoughts on Contemporary Feminism
    by Lynne Segal
  • It Changed My Life
    by Betty Friedan
  • Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation
    by Barbara Findlen
  • Man's World, Woman's Place: A Study of Social Mythology
    by Elizabeth Janeway
  • Manifesta
    by J. Baumgardner
  • Masculine/Feminine
    by Betty and Theodore Roszak
  • Men and Feminism
    by Shira Tarrant
  • The Mismeasure of Women
    by Carol Tavris
  • The New Avengers: Feminism, Feminity and the Rape-Revenge Cycle (in Film)
    by Jacinda Read
  • The New Victorians
    by Rene Denefeld
  • Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellion
    by Gloria Steinem
  • Peace is a Women's Issue
    by Harriet Hyman Alonso
  • Problems for Feminist Criticism
    by Sally Minogue, ed.
  • Race and Gender in the American Economy
    by Susan F. Feiner
  • Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
    by Paula S. Rothenberg
  • Rise of Enlightened Sexism: How Pop Culture Took Us from Girl Power…
    by Susan Douglas
  • The Second Stage
    by Betty Friedan
  • Sisterhood is Forever
    by Robin Morgan
  • The Sisterhood: The Inside Story of the Women's Movement and the Leaders Who Made It Happen
    by Marcia Cohen
  • To Be Real
    by Rebecca Walker
  • We Are Our Mothers Daughters
    by Cokie Roberts
  • We Don’t Need Another Wave
    by Melody Berger
  • What Women Want
    by Patricia Ireland
  • Where the Girls Are
    by Susan J. Douglas
  • Who Stole Feminism?
    by Christina Hoff Sommers
  • Womanist & Feminist Aesthetics
    by Tuzyline Jita Allan
  • Women
    by Jo Freeman
  • Women and Families
    by Kristine M. Baber and Katherine R. Allen
  • Women, Race, and Class
    by Angela Davis