Women's Center


  • Among Women
    by Louise Bernikow
  • At Large
    by Ellen Goodman
  • Beads and Felted Tapestry Crochet
    by Carol Ventura
  • The Beauty Myth
    by Naomi Wolf
  • Born Female
    by Caroline Bird
  • Femininity
    by Susan Brownmiller
  • Hers (Through Women's Eyes): Essays From the "Hers" Column of the New York Times
    by Nancy R. Newhouse, ed.
  • Keeping in Touch
    by Ellen Goodman
  • Maya Hair Sashes
    by Carol Ventura
  • More Tapestry Crochet
    by Carol Ventura
  • Olga
    by Fernando Morai
  • Out of the Frying Pan: A Decade of Change in Women's Lives
    by Karol Hope and Nancy Young
  • Paper Trail
    by Michael Dorris
  • Tennessee Tales the Textbooks Don’t Tell
    by J. Ivey, et al.
  • Women: American Women in Their Own Words
    by Mark Baker
  • Women of Granite
    by Dana Andrew Jennings
  • Women's Words, Women's Stories: An American Daybook edited
    by Lois Stiles Edgerly
  • The Word of a Woman
    by Robin Morgan