Women's Center

Personal Growth

  • A Gift to Myself
    by Charles L. Whitfield
  • Girls Fight Back: the College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself
    by Erin Weed
  • Highly Sensitive Person
    by Elaine Aron
  • Knowing Woman, a Feminine Psychology
    by Irene Castillejo
  • No Nonsense Self Defense: 10 Easy to Learn Techniques
    by Neil Kagan
  • On Becoming Fearless
    by Arianna Huffington
  • Our Power as Women: Wisdom and Strategies of Highly…
    by Helene Lerner-Robbins
  • Outgrowing the Pain
    by Eilana Gil
  • Own Your Own Life
    by Richard G. Abell, M.D.
  • Reaching the Morning After
    by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn
  • Taking Control: Basic Mental & Physical Self Defense for Women
    by Lynsey de Paul
  • To Please: Compliant Women - Controlling Men
    by Karen Blaker, Ph.D.
  • The Transcendent Child: Tales of Triumph Over the Past
    by Lillian Rubin
  • Use Your Anger: A Woman's Guide to Empowerment
    by Sandra Thomas, Ph.D, RN, and Cheryl Jefferson
  • A Weekend to Change Your Life
    by Joan Anderson
  • When Words Are Not Enough: The Women's Prescription for Depression and Anxiety
    by Valerie Davis Raskin, M.D
  • Woman’s Book of Creativity
    by Diane Ealy
  • You Can Do It
    by Lauren Grandcolas