Women's Center


  • 1000 Places to See Before You Die
    by P. Schultz
  • 44 Ways to Revitalize the Women's Organization
    by Lyle E. Schaller
  • 500 Great Books by Women
    by Erica Bauetmeister, Jesse Larson, and Holly Smith
  • The American Search for Women
    by H. Carlton Marlow and Harrison M. Davis
  • American Women in Sports
    by Phyllis Hollander
  • The American Women's Almanac
    by Louise Bernikow
  • Beacon Book of Quotations by Women
    by Rosalie Maggio
  • Between Myth and Morning: Women Awakening
    by Elizabeth Janeway
  • The Book of Women's Achievements
    by Joan and Kenneth Macksey
  • The Book of Women's First
    by Phyllis J. Read and Bernard L. Witlied
  • Career Guidance and Counseling through the Lifespan
    by E. Herr
  • Cindy Reid’s Ultimate Guide to Golf for Women
    by Cindy Reid
  • The Compleat American Housewife 1776
    by Julianne Belote
  • Dinner Party
    by Judy Chicago
  • A Directory of Selected Resources for Professionals in Counseling in Tennessee
    by Orville Crowell, Ed.D.
  • For The Record: Women in Sports
    by Robert Markel and Nancy Brooks
  • Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment
    by Eleanor Clift
  • Grassroots Music in the Upper Cumberland
    by W.L. Montell (ed.)
  • This High and Holy Moment: The First National Women’s…
    by John F. McClymer
  • How to Get Money for Research
    by Mary Rubin
  • How to Protect Your Spousal Rights
    by Tom Biracree
  • Ladies First: Women Athletes Who Made a Difference
    by Ken Rappoport
    by Katherine Hanson, Director, Women's Educational Equity Act Publishing Center (Women's National History Month 1994 Information Booklet)
  • Let's Have It Out
    by Arthur S. Hough, Ph.D.
  • Lives of American Women
    by Joyce D. Goodfriend and Claudia M. Christie
  • Male Chauvinism: How It Works
    by Michael Korda
  • The Man and Woman Thing
    by George B. Leonard
  • Megatrends for Women
    by Patricia Aburdene and John Naisbitt
  • The Miss Stone Affair
    by Teresa Carpenter
  • Modern Sexism
    by Nijole V. Benokraitis and Joe R. Feagin
  • New Directions for Rural Women
    by The Grail, Loveland, OH; Women's Education Equity Act Program; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Office of Education
  • On Wollstonecraft
    by Patricia Altenbernd Johnson
  • On Writing
    by E. Welty
  • Ordering Your Private World
    by Gordon MacDonald
  • Outstanding American Women
    by Julie F. Lieser
  • The Rights of Single People
    by Mitchell Bernard, Ellen Levine, and Stefan Presser
  • Savage Summit
    by Jennifer Jordan
  • The Second Sex
    by Simone De Beauvoir
  • The Secret Sketchbook of a Bloomsbury Lady
    by Kenneth Mahood
  • Sex and the Law
    by Fenton Bresler
  • Sex Differences
    by Michael S. Teitelbaum
  • Sex Roles: A Research Bibliography
    by U.S. Department of HEW Public Health Service and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration
  • Success
    by J. Pincott
  • Susan B. Anthony Slept Here: Gd American Women Landmarks
    by Lynn Sherr
  • Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers
    by David Bartholomae
  • Where Women Stand: An International Report on the Status of Women in 140 Countries, 1997-1998 edited
    by Naomi Neft and Ann D. Levine
  • The Woman Alone
    by Patricia O'Brien
  • The Woman Angler: An Introductory Handbook for Women Who Want to Fish
    by Laurie Morrow
  • Woman Woman: Feminism in American
    by Elaine Landau
  • Women and International Human Rights Law, Volume 2 edited
    by Kelly D. Askin and Dorean M. Koenig
  • Women, Law, and Social Control
    by Alida V. Merlo and Joycelyn M. Pollock
  • Women Like Us
    by Liz Roman Gallese
  • The Women Outside
    by Stephanie Golden
  • The Women's Information Exchange National Directory
    by Deborah Brecher and Jill Lippitt, comp.
  • Women's Networks
    by Carol Kleiman
  • Women's Sourcebook edited
    by Lisa DiMona and Constance Herndon
  • The World's Women (Trend and Statistics) 1970-1990
    by the United Nations