Women's Center

Women and Literature

  • Ain't I A Woman
    by Illona Linthwaite, ed.
  • Black Women Poets of Harlem Renaissance
    by Emmanuel E. Egar
  • The Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature
    by Claire Buck, ed.
  • The Bluest Eye
    by Toni Morrison
  • The Brontes
    by Tom Winnifrith
  • By a Woman's Hand
    by Jean Swanson and Dean James
  • The Callista Myth from Ovid to Atwood
    by Kathleen Wall
  • Changing Our Power
    by Jo Whitemore Coehran, Donna Langston, and Carolyn Woodward, eds.
  • Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson
    by Emily Dickinson
  • Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni 1968-1998 – COULD NOT FIND
    by Nikki Giovanni
  • Contemporary American Women Writers
    by Catherine Rainwater and Wm. J. Scheick
  • Eye to Eye - Women edited
    by Vanessa Baird A collection of women's writings from the countries of the South
  • Family edited
    by Sharon Sloan Fiffer and Steve Fiffer
  • Islands, The Universe, Home
    by Gretel Ehrlich
  • A Jury of her Peers: Celebrating American Women Writers
    by Elaine Showalter
  • Last House
    by M.F.K. Fisher
  • Meridian
    by Alice Walker
  • New Women, New Fiction
    by Susan Cahill
  • The Norton Book of Women's Lives
    by Phyllis Rose, ed.
  • The Penguin Book of International Women's Stories
    by Kate Figes, ed.
  • The Penguin Book of Women's Humor
    by Regina Barreca
  • The Penguin Book of Women Poets
    by Carol Cosman, Joan Keefe, and Kathleen Weaver
  • The Rape Poems
    by Frances Driscoll
  • The Remarkable Lives of 100 Women Writers and Journalists
    by Brookem Bailey
  • A Room of One’s Own
    by Virginia Woolf
  • Sad Girl Sitting on a Running Board
    by Michael McFee
  • Seneca Falls 1848: All Men and Women are Created Equal
    by Elizabeth C. Shultis
  • Song of Solomon
    by Toni Morrison
  • Sonnets to Human Beings
    by Carmen Tafolla
  • That’s What She Said – COULD NOT FIND
    by Rayna Green
  • This Kind of Woman
    by Yukita Tonaka and Elizabeth Hanson
  • Toward a Recognition of Androgeny
    by Carolyn G. Heilbrun
  • True North
    by Jill Ker Conway
  • Women on Hunting
    by Pam Houston
  • Women’s Work: An Anthology of American Literature
    by Perkins & Perkins
  • Writing Women's Lives
    by Susan Cahill