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Commission on the Status of Women

The purposes of the Commission on the Status of Women are to provide a supportive campus climate for women students and women in faculty, staff, and administrative positions; to promote an awareness of women's issues; to oversee the TTU Women's Center; and to initiate programs of interest to women in the TTU community.

In pursuing these objectives, the Commission will endeavor to:

  1. Promote the hiring and promotion of women through the use and improvement of the TTU Affirmative Action Plan and other employment and promotion programs.
  2. Improve opportunities for women in faculty, administrative, and staff positions.
  3. Support a positive campus climate.
  4. Promote awareness of women's issues.
  5. Determine procedures for the Women's Center and its further development.
  6. Promote educational offerings which pertain to women's issues.
  7. Promote appreciation of the diversity within the lives of women and men.