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Graham Campbell


Graham   Campbell




Art, Craft & Design - Appalachian Center for Craft

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CC Admn & Gallery (CCAD) 100 / Box 5106


artworkGraham Campbell has enjoyed a forty year career in woodworking, design and education.  Currently he is a Professor of Art in the School of Art, Craft and Design where he has supervised the wood concentration since 1990.

This program is designed to provide students with a broad, solid foundation in designing and making furniture with wood. Students work through a series of assignments leading to a final statement of accomplishment; a solo show of finished pieces. Graduates will be equipped to effectively pursue a career in the field.

Campbell also continues to make contemporary furniture using bold form, intricate surface, and a wry sense of humor. He produces a number of pieces each year that are acquired by corporations, museums and collectors. Despite several valiant attempts he has failed to discover any musical ability whatsoever.