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This page provides a link to university-wide policies that have been adopted or revised and approved as described in Tennessee Tech Policy 101 Policy on Policies. Current university-wide policies will be added as they are revised to comply with Tennessee Tech Policy 101. New policies will be added as they are approved.

This link does not contain an exhaustive list of university-wide policies. If the policy you are searching for has not yet been revised, please contact the department or division that oversees the policy or subject matter.

Click here to view Tennessee Tech's university-wide policies.

110 Access to Public Records (9/9)
121 Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities (11/11)
141 Discrimination and Harassment - Complaint and Investigation Procedure (11/11)
172 Substance Abuse Prevention (11/11)
180 Personal Recording Devices (11/11)
265 Confidentiality of Student Records and FERPA Compliance (11/11)
420 Emergency Notifications (9/9)
421 Timely Warnings (9/9)
508 Food Purchase Policy (10/7)
559 Acquisition, Allocation and Management of Telephone Services and Equipment (11/11)
602 Background Investigations (10/7)
605 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance (11/11)
608 Faculty Sick Leave Bank (9/9)
609 Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank (9/9)
622 Transfer of Sick Leave Between Employees (9/9)
626 Alternate Work Arrangements (9/9)
659 Position Reclassification (11/11)
686 Consensual Relationships (11/11)
913 Recruiting (11/11)
920 Athletics Tickets (11/11)
952 Concussions (9/9; effective 9/3/2015)
960 Sports Camps and Clinics (11/11)
970 Amorous Relationships (Athletics) (11/11)
1003 Advancement Information Systems and Resources (11/11)

A PDF version of any of the above policies is available upon request. Please email the University Counsel Graduate Assistant at for more information.