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Mechanical Engineering students are assigned to advisors randomly and can be checked on Eagle Online. If questions arise about advising, the student should check with the Mechanical Engineering departmental office located in Brown Hall, Room 224.

Abounassif, Ahmed Freshmen, Sophomore A—M, International 6028 CLEM 316
Anton, Steven C-Ci, Ba-Bl 3287 BRWN 328
Canfield, Stephen Mechatronics 6359 BRWN 304
Chen, Pingen E, L 3310 BRWN 115
Cui, Jie G, I, J, Transfer (60+), Exchange, Graduate 3357 BRWN 231
Cunningham, Glenn Q-Sche 3826 BRWN 239
Darvennes, Corinne Ch-Coo, Schi-Sp 3253 BRWN 308
Faulkner, John Freshman, Sophomore N-Z 3834 CLEM 324
Hill, Tristan Mechatronics 3732 BRWN 305
Idem, Stephen Sq-T 3607 BRWN 111
Languri, Ethan  A, O, P 6790 BRWN 240
Pardue, Andy Bm-Bz, U, V, Y, Z 3791 BRWN 316
Pardue, Sally Cop-Cz, M 3309 BRWN 329
Ting, Kwun-Lon 3230 BRWN 211
Vaselbehagh, Ahmed H 6468 BRWN 322
 Wilson, Dale N, W 3323 BRWN 310
 Zhu, John D, E, L 3186 BRWN 116

2018 - 2019 Catalog

BSME Flowchart
BSME Mechatronics Flowchart

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BSME Flowchart (effective 2017-2018 incoming freshmen only)
BSME Mechatronics Flowchart (effective 2017-2018 incoming freshmen only)

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